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Diary of a Data Scientist - Inside the Mind of a Statistician

What Type of Automation Does A Data Scientist Need?

Predicting Customer Churn with Gradient Boosting

How to Interpret Model Performance with Cost Functions

The Shape of the Trees in Gradient Boosting Machines

Salford Systems' CART Featured in New Predictive Analytics Book

Random Forests: The Machine Learning Algorithm

Machine Learning [Visualization]

Webinar Recap: 3 Ways to Improve Regression, Part 2

January Tech Support Cases

Webinar Recap: 3 Ways to Improve Regression, Part 1

9 Data Mining Challenges From a Data Scientist Like You

Top LinkedIn Groups Every Data Scientist Should Join

Podcast Recap: Dan Steinberg's Early Days

Trending Data Topics: 2015 vs. 2016

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Forecasting with Predictive Analytics

Joint Statistical Meetings 2015- Computer Technology Workshop Presentations

Enter a KDD Cup or Kaggle Competition. You don’t need to be an expert!

TreeNet Gradient Boosting and CART Decision Trees: A Winning Combination

Two Frequent Challenges in Data Preparation

How Data Science can Expose Biological Invaders

5 Data Mining Misconceptions

TreeNet Gradient Boosting: An Overview

How Data Science Can help us Discover our Planet’s History

Data Science in Biology: A Few Problems & Solutions [guest post]

Predicting Shifts in El Niño Using Birds & Data Mining

How to Run a Model Using GPS

Choosing Your Own Preferred MARS Model

Data Mining & Sampling Issues: Do we need a 3-way partition of data (learn, validate, test)?

Musings on Becoming a Data Scientist [guest post]

Super-Fast Data Scans With One-Split CART Trees [tutorial]

Working With SPM Command Line [Video]

How Do I Avoid Overfitting My MARS Model?

A Different Kind of Data Mining Automation

Why Data Scientists Split Data into Train and Test

The Do's and Don'ts of Data Mining [slideshare]

A Few Words On Predictive Accuracy From The Experts

A Quick Overview of Unsupervised Learning in Salford SPM

Data Mining 101: A Beginners' Boot Camp

Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 5 Varying Definitions for Big Data

6 LinkedIn Groups Every Data Scientist Should Join

Cost Functions 101: The Underpinnings of Model Performance

A Data Science Prediction for 2014 [In 120 Words]

How To Build Your First Predictive Model in SPM [slideshare]

Sneak Peak: New Data Mining Video Documentation

How To Convince Your Boss You Need Data Mining Training [infographic]

How To Win A Data Mining Challenge: DataLab USA Knows [customer success]

Probabilities in CART Trees (Yes/No Response Models)

Scoring RandomForests Models: Applying Models to New Data [tutorial]

Statistically Significant Words of Wisdom [slideshare]

Using Predictive Modeling To Understand How Marketing Efforts Impact Sales [Customer Story]

Data Mining Video Search [Quick Tip]

Why Leave-One-Out (LOO) Cross-Validation Does Not Work For Trees

All Train and No Test? Build Predictive Models Using All of Your Data

A Quick Note on Multithreading Capabilities in the SPM Software Suite

The Elusive Quest To Define 'Big Data'

Unlock the Key to Big Data & Modern Regression Techniques at JSM 2013

Confessions of a Data Scientist

9 Data Mining Challenges From Data Scientists Like You

Using CART For Beginners With A Telco Example

The History Behind Data Mining Train/Test Performance

The Experienced Data Scientist's Guide To CART Decision Trees

Requested vs. Actual Tree Sizes in TreeNet Models

Introducing Salford Systems' Data Mining Video Contest [slideshare]

Getting Results From 'Out-Of-Bag' Cross-Validation In MARS

How to Utilize 'Out-Of-Bag' Predictions with Cross-Validation in CART

A Quick Tip on Importing and Converting Data in SPM

How Much Time Needs to be Spent Preparing Data for Analysis?

Be A Winner In Salford Systems' Data Mining Video Contest

Understanding CART Splits, Competitors, and Surrogates [video]

The Ultimate How-To Guide For Planning A Predictive Analytics Project

A Drilled-Down Approach To Regression Modeling

How to Build a Random Forests Model Using TreeNet [video tutorial]

How Data Mining is Being Used in Higher Education

One Tree for Several Targets? Vector CART for Regression

Regression Webinar Feedback: You Vote. We Listen...

Unsupervised Learning and Cluster Analysis with CART

Random Forests OOB vs. Test Partition Performance

Using LAGS for Time Series-Style Modeling in SPM

Supercharging Predictive Modeling: A Beginners' Perspective

Sanitizing Data: Keep the Details of Your Data Mining Project Private

Reuse MARS Regression Spline Basis Functions in a New Dataset

Best Practices for Building the Optimal CART Tree [mini tutorial]

Regression Model Building via Classification Trees [tutorial]

Discussion Questions from "The Evolution of Regression"

Data Mining Tutorial: TreeNet For Beginners [video]

Advantages of Running SPM on Win7 vs. WinXP

Navigating the New Features in SPM v7.0

Hands-On Webinar "The Evolution of Regression Modeling"

Video: The Evolution of Regression [Part 1]

Supercharging Prediction: Hands-On Data Mining Workshop [Sponsored]

Utilizing Variable Importance in Random Forests [Mini Tutorial]

Finding R-Squared for CART Regression Trees

Benefits of Data Mining with Model Compression Techniques [video]

Data Mining On A Budget: Choose Wisely

The Power of TreeNet Tree Ensembles Using eBay Data Example

The Evolution of Regression: An Upcoming Webinar Series

Interview with Adele Cutler: Remembering Leo Breiman

An Introduction to Random Forests By Dr. Adele Cutler

SPM Handling of Categorical Variables - Stop the Confusion!

6 Tips for Optimizing TreeNet Gradient Boosting Models

Random Forest, are they all created equal?

A Brief Note On CART and Parallelization

Handling Missing Values in MARS

How to recover the your session logs in SPM

Accurate results with limited data in CART and TreeNet

How to Apply CART and Logistic Regression to Help Diagnose HIV

Broadscale Data Mining and Predictive Modeling in Marketing

Using CART to Unravel Clusters in Asthma Databases

Paradigm Shifts in Wildlife Through Data Mining and Machine Learning

Tree Ensembles and Decision Trees in a Financial Services Application

TreeNet vs CART Advantages

Reading and Understanding TreeNet Dependency Plots

Case Study: Making Predictions with MARS

Getting started with TreeNet stochastic gradient boosting

A Quick Tip on Faster Processing in SPM

Using Data Mining to Interpret Surveys

Access data in relational databases via ODBC

Unsupervised Learning in CART

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) 2012 Beijing Recap

Data Mining for "What-If" Analysis

Can I use TreeNet to grow One decision tree?

The Art of Predictive Analytics

Leo Breiman's Philosophy of Data Analysis

Is my dataset too big to build a model in SPM?

How Many Decision Trees are Needed for a TreeNet Model?

Controlling Model Complexity with “Added Variable Penalties”

How to Export TreeNet Plots to Other Software

Data Mining: How to Partition Data into Train and Test

CART on Windows Memory Matters (Part 1)

How to Run GUI Data Mining Software on a Mac

The Parametric Bootstrap for Regression Data Mining Models

Finding The Automatically Stored Command Log

Displaying and Saving Numerical Results in Data Mining

CART: Why Use Cross-Validation?

A Reminder About Missing Values In Data Mining

Data Mining Help: Adding Comments to your saved Grove Files

Prediction Generation in the Salford Predictive Modeler

TreeNet: Are Interactions Relevant To Your Data?

Data Corresponding to one or more CART terminal nodes

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