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Hands-On Webinar "The Evolution of Regression Modeling"

Posted by Heather Hinman on Tue, Mar 12, 2013 @ 04:08 AM

Part 2 - Hands-On Component is this Friday! [March 15, 2013, 10 am PST (San Diego, CA)]

Overcoming Linear Regression Limitationsregression webinar

Regression is one of the most popular modeling methods, but the classical approach has significant problems. This webinar series addresses these problems. Are you working with larger datasets? Is your data challenging? Does your data include missing values, nonlinear relationships, local patterns and interactions? This webinar series is for you! We will cover improvements to conventional and logistic regression, and will include a discussion of classical, regularized, and nonlinear regression, as well as modern ensemble and data mining approaches. This series will be of value to any classically trained statistician or modeler.

Missed Part 1? (view the recording)

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Part 2: March 15 - Hands-on demonstration of concepts discussed in Part 1

Part 3: March 29 - Regression methods discussed
*Part 1 is a recommended pre-requisite

  •     Nonlinear Ensemble Approaches: TreeNet Gradient Boosting; Random Forests; Gradient Boosting incorporating RF
  •     Ensemble Post-Processing: ISLE; RuleLearner

Part 4: April 12 - Hands-on demonstration of concepts discussed in Part 3

  •     Step-by-step demonstration
  •     Datasets and software available for download
  •     Instructions for reproducing demo at your leisure
  •     For the dedicated student: apply these methods to your own data (optional)


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