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A Drilled-Down Approach To Regression Modeling

Posted by Heather Hinman on Fri, May 24, 2013 @ 06:02 AM

The San Francisco Data Mining meetup group invited Salford Systems' CEO Dan Steinberg for a drilled-down presentation based on the webinar series “The Evolution of Regression Modeling” from earlier in the year. The presentation was warmly received by the 285-person audience, and Salford Systems was happy to bring something of popular interest to the table.

Meetup Co-Organizer Dr. Todd Holloway of Trulia was impressed by the 4-part webinar series that Salford Systems had given in the previous months, so he invited Steinberg for what turned out to be a well-received presentation.

“Dan gave the exact mix of math vs. concept I was hoping for the talk,” said meetup Co-Organizer Miles McCrocklin. “We do have talks that will dive deep into very specific subjects, and some that just hint at what people are doing without even mentioning the name of an algorithm that they've used. Dan found a way to work right in the middle ground, which I've found to be the ideal for meetups as some of our members are Ph.D's and others are business people hoping to learn more about a technical subject.”

  •  “Good overview of regression, just as promised. With the addition of interesting anecdotes.” - Meetup Commenter
  •  “One of the better meetup talks I've seen!” - Meetup Commenter
To view the group’s feedback visit the meetup event page.

Although it was only a one-hour presentation (consolidated from a four-hour webinar series), this engaging and practical discussion has shown to be of popular interest among the data mining community. The talk was dense with actionable information about what can be done in a regression problem situation to squeeze out optimal results, and how data scientists can take their modeling to the next level of data mining. The presentation slides are available to download for those interested in learning more. 


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