SPM 8 Enhancements:

  • SPM8 is more efficient in almost every area and leverages multiple cores with parallel processing.


  • SPM8 makes better use of RAM, allowing you to run large analytics problems.


  • SPM8 builds in more automation, helping you to drive quickly to better models.


  • SPM8 offers an option to create exact test partition fractions.


  • SPM8 includes more core statistical routines to assist in your early data exploration.


  • SPM8 includes a host of new loss functions for TreeNet Gradient Boosting, allowing you to build better regressions.


  • SPM8 has more options and fine-tuning controls for the expert.


  • SPM8 has a new common summary letting you know how each model is performing.


  • SPM8 includes new GUI dialogs to access the Interaction Control Discovery Language.




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