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Webinar Recap: 3 Ways to Improve Regression, Part 2

Posted by Kaitlin Onthank on Thu, Jan 28, 2016 @ 01:22 PM

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Linear regression plays a big part in the everyday life of a data analyst, but the results aren’t always satisfactory. What if you could drastically improve prediction accuracy in your regression with a new model that handles missing values, interactions, AND nonlinearities in your data?

In this follow-up to Part 1, three techniques that take advantage of advanced modeling features and can help extract additional insight are reviewed:

  • Stochastic gradient boosting
  • Nonlinear regression splines
  • Modeling automation

If you were not able to attend the webinar broadcast, you can still sign up and receive the recording and materials.

Included with registration:3_ways_to_improve_regression_part_2_screenshot.png

  • Webinar recording
  • Data set
  • Step-by-step instructions to replicate models
  • Software download



Want to review Part 1? The recording, slides, tutorial, data set, and software are all available here.


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Topics: stochastic gradient boosting, Nonlinear Regression, Regression Splines, Regression

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